Gill and Yvonne- Jan 2020


 CRHD Vision and Mission: 

To cross all human made roads to promote Human development by providing Education and Training skills for young people.

 Through education, we aim to break down barriers in order to bring about equality and justice and thus transform the lives of the underprivileged:


Raichur Map

In India CRHD is registered as a society No: SOR129: India, and managed by a Board of Trustees, assisted by volunteers who propose and oversee specific activities. The volunteers come from different walks of life; from a Professor to an ordinary labourer. It is their commitment and dedication that unites them in striving to fulfil the aims of CRHD. All its activities are managed by the executive members in India:

 Rev Dr. Swami Raju (Chairman)

Mr. Vijaya T (Secretary)

Mr. Abel Anandapppa (Treasurer) 

Mr. Ravi Bhushan (Director)

Mrs. Sundara Daniel (Manager) 

Mr. Paul Basappa (Member)

 In the United Kingdom, CRHD is registered as a nonprofit Trust No: 1116524. It has received tax-exemption as a public charity. All those who wish to donate may therefore participate in GIFTAID, thus increasing their contribution by the government’s refund of income tax. Although it has a board of trustees that meets once in a year for the Annual General Meeting, it is managed by the following executive members of CRHD in the UK:

Rev. Gill Evans (President) 

Rev. Dr. Joseph Suray (Chairman)

Mr. Peter Holdridge (Secretary)

Mr. Eric Wardle (Treasurer)