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The school began with one single room, today we have 10 rooms. It started with 20 little ones in the playgroup but today it has around 200 children up to year 7. It started with 2 teachers and now it has 9 staff, 2 dinner ladies and one carer. The management expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the sponsoring body of CRHD UK for all its financial support and prayers without which the CRHD ministry in India could not have developed.

Mrs Martin, the Headmistress of Kids Paradise School

Mrs Martin, the Headmistress of Kids Paradise School

Mrs. Martin is the Head Mistress with a full qualification of BA. Ed, MA. She has been involved in the establishment of Kids Paradise school since 2003. I addition to running the administration of the school she also teaches. Due to all her hard work in motivating the team of dedicated staff we are very proud to say that the school has been awarded many gold medals and has been heartily commended by officials from the Education Department.

School Staff

The proud teaching staff

The proud Teaching staff at Kids Paradise School. They are grateful for the opportunity not only to teach but also to be a part of the CRHD ministry in India. Irrespective of their religious or social background all of them take part in the school assembly, Christmas and Easter activities. They are also involved in the Vacational Bible School which aims to teach children about the Bible and learn about Jesus.


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